Monday, October 12, 2015

Taking Care of You

With school in session, I am really feeling the effects of being a working parent.  There is the rushing out of work, picking the kids up from after school care, running them to xyz activity, and trying to squeeze in homework, dinner, and some quality time together and time for myself.  I do not think this feeling is unique to a single parent, either.  I hear it from women who are married with children.  They discuss how their husbands take one child to xyz and they take the other to abc.  It shows that it just isn't adults who are busy - kids are too!

But, let's talk about what this does to parents...SERIOUSLY.

Do you ever feel like you lost yourself since you have had your children?
Do you ever wonder when you will have time to _____ (something good for yourself)?
Do you ever wonder how on earth you are keeping it all together and if/when you are going to drop a ball?
Or, have you dropped so many you have lost count?

My intent, tonight, is write about the importance of self care and what that means to you and your children. 

I stopped working out.   I stopped planning out meals for the week.  I stopped eating healthy most of the time.  I stopped drinking enough water each day.  I stopped taking care of myself. 

These were things I that I had down to a science in my life.  And slowly, I gave them up.   I realize, I have deviated so far from where I was.  Now, I feel like I am really struggling to get back on track.    And I believe I struggle, because I am wondering about why, when, who, what, and where did this happen.  I obsess over it, instead of doing what I know I need to do.  That is stop giving a flip whys, whens, whos, whats, and wheres.  It is grabbing onto the reigns that I had a grip on before and kicking the horse to get him to gallop. 

The truth is that these young humans we are raising are watching us and learning from us.  They see our cues and those get programmed into their minds.  Sure, I can't get them to eat broccoli, but if they see me consistently eat it they will come around.  Them not seeing me exercise sends a message that it is not important.  They want to be like us.  That in itself should make it important for you to take care of yourself.  Then, your children will learn good habits to take into their adulthood. 

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