Monday, March 2, 2015

21 Day Fix 2/3rds review

I am 2/3 of the way through the 21 Day Fix. I have not followed the program to a T, and have seen some results. This has done two things for me:

It lets me know that the changes this are sustainable. Maintenance will not be a problem, because I know there will be times in my life that I will want/need to indulge in temptation.

Motivates me for round 2! What motivates you to keep going, like seeing progress!?

Here are some of my overall thoughts on the program:

I have tried various ways of meal planning in my past. I didn't stick with those. Or found ways to end up at ____ restaurant or fast food joint. But, seriously sitting down and planning out and prepping the food my family and I are going to eat for the week is actually a time and money saver. Yes, it takes a few hours out of my Sunday afternoon, but come Thursday when my brain is mush and making another decision is about as difficult as brain surgery, it is so very nice to not have to think about or decide what to come up with for dinner. And, I have saved some cash, because we/I did not dine out.

My energy levels are up. The reasoning behind the color coded containers is to make sure you are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals, and macro-nutrients you need to sustain your health and put you on track to lose weight. I noticed that when I eat food that is not “fix approved” I feel slow,sluggish, bloated, or overall gross. Eating according to the food plan, I feel vibrant.

I am also enjoying a better quality of sleep. Even on nights where I don't get the amount of sleep I would like, I still wake up feeling rested.

With the girls activities, it is still easy to fit in exercise. Each day, there is a 30 minute work out. Really, it is 40 with the time it takes me to change in to my work out clothes, and drive to the gym and check the kids into daycare walk out into the living room, push play, and get my work out on. I can tell my body is firming up too! My jeans are fitting better.

I personally, am going to take a week "off" before I start round two!  Let me know if you are interested in joining me on my adventure!

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